One of the directions of work of the group of companies Steelinvestment, Republic of Belarus, is timber processing. Today we can offer you cooperation in the supply of products of our own production, namely: heat-dried edged timber, bed slats made of natural wood, planed sawn timber, construction glued beams. In the production we use pine and spruce wood, we have equipment that ensures planning and precise trimming, and in the future it is planned to start production of spliced parts from solid wood and spliced furniture board using environmentally friendly water-based adhesives. The Steeinvestment group of companies has successfully passed the audit to obtain the international FSC certificate.

Profiled softwood lumber: planed board. code – 4409 10 180 0. Wood species – Pine / Spruce. LLC “Mogilevforestcomplex” produces edged boards  with a thickness ranging from 15 to 50 mm. The standard size of the board is 4800/4000/3600 mm; also, by agreement with the customer, it can be produced in different sizes.

Edged softwood lumber.

code – 4407119300 Species – Pine

code – 4407129100  Species – Spruce

Dimensions: 18.0-40.0 * 96.0-150.0; 41.0-84.0 * 96.0-150.0.

Length: 1.1-5.2. Grade – 1,2,3,4.

Natural wood bed strip code – 4409101800. Species – Pine / Spruce. Dimensions as agreed with the customer in accordance with the drawing.

Construction glued beams code – 4418991000 Species – Pine / Spruce. Dimensions as agreed with the customer

Also the company sells sawdust, wood chips as raw materials.

We provide services for drying lumber, phytosanitary processing.

4 chambers with a volume of up to 100 m3 were produced by INCOPLAN (Italy).

Approved to carry out activities for the decontamination and labeling of wood packaging material with the assignment of an individual registration number for LLC “Mogilelesocomplex” – 481.


Packing of the finished pack is made by hand using wrapping polyethylene, PET tape 19 mm wide with corners and buckles. Finished products are stacked on footboards. The company has developed packaging standards for finished products, but at the request of the customer, it is possible to use “strong packaging”, in this case, an additional amount of tapes is used (both across the pack and along). Standard pallets are formed by quantity, depending on the thickness of the board. By agreement with the customer, the number of boards in the pallet can be changed. The company manufactures and sells certified products, has a certificate for compliance with FSC standards.

Contacts marketing: LLC “Mogilevlesocomplex”

tel. +375 222 20 61 50, +375 222 20 61 40.

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